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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Snack Mix.

Have ya ever got in that "snacky" mood, and all you want to do is just snack and snack and snack? I DEFINITELY have! I have come up with a some what healthy snack mix that won't ruin your diet.(well as far as I know. Lol!) So, I hope you enjoy this healthy snack, and get creative! And always feel free to comment in the comment section below this post, I would love to here what you think of this post!

A handful of...
White chocolate baking chips
Milk or dark chocolate baking chips
Sunflower seeds 


Ok, so basically all you are going to do is toss every thing together in a pretty bowl, (or if you aren't a perfectionist, whatever bowl you can find) 

Recipe notes:

* You can use whatever color (s) of sprinkles you want, you can do simple ones, or seasonal, or just random sprinkles that you found in the back of your pantry from the holidays 3 years ago. (lol) Just get creative! 
Also, if you are trying to eat REALLY healthy, and would like as much as possible to forgo the chocolate, and/or as much of the unnecessary sugars as possible, Carob chips are a good choice. You also can put some nuts in, or some more dried fruits to make it a little sweeter.